“I once said in a pub as a joke, that a country that cannot democratically help its development and to reach a degree of normality, has only one option: to invite the assistance of a foreign army. That was when I returned from a month-long stay in Finland. I was thrilled about the country. I thought that, if Finnish administrators, inspectors and judges were deployed in Slovakia, our country would at last embark on the path to democracy. Twenty years ago Slovakia was unprepared to govern itself. With the current pace we are likely to reach democracy in about 200 years. People are not used to bear responsibility for their own decisions; we have no continuity of governance, institutions, no respect for authorities. That is the result of those who have been pretending to be the authority for years.”

réžia/directed by: Peter Kerekes
scenár/written by: Peter Kerekes
kamera/director of photography: Noro Hudec ASK
strih/edited by: Alexandra Gojdičová
zvuk/sound: Dušan Kozák
produkcia/production: Martina Agricolová
účinkujúci/cast: Peter Kerekes, Edita Chrenková, Robert Kaliňák, Erkki Tuomioja


Peter Kerekes (*1973, Košice) studied directing at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and is now lecturer at the Film and Television Faculty. His graduation documentary The Ladomír Horrors and Other Legends earned him prices at local and international festivals. His feature-length debut 66 Seasons (2003) received prizes for best documentary on international film festivals in Jihlava, Tel Aviv, Syracuse. His documentary Cooking History (2008) received nomination for the European Film Award, the European Oscar, and received the price from the prestigious HotDocs festival in Toronto.