“My wife Lidka is an American, as are our sons Myko and Marko. Their grandparents are Slovaks and Ukrainians. The older, Myko, will play lacrosse for the Slovak national team this year. Grandpa Michael wants the younger one, Marko, to learn to play Slovak folk songs on saxophone. Myko studied in Lviv in Ukraine last year where he learned to write his name in the Cyrillic alphabet. Marko and Lidka visited the Carpathian mountains in Ukraine from where they headed to Bratislava. We live in Syracuse, New York state. So, make your choice. I am trying to make our sons know their terra firma across the big puddle. Yet it is up to them what they will find close to their hearts. I am always happy when they feel it right. I have a lovely experience from a few years ago when we visited Marek Šulík in Vishtuk. We were barbecuing some bacon in the garden. When we prayed in the evening, Myko said: “Dear Lord, thank you for having invented bacon.” When Slovakia recently lost the hockey match to the USA, we were very sad. Our sons are Americans, but it does not prevent them from thinking of themselves as Slovaks or Ukrainians. While our neighbours travel to Cape Cod for the summer, we trot off to Bratislava or Kryvorinya.”

názov/title: NÁVRATY/RETURNS
réžia/directed by: Mišo Suchý
scenár/written by: Mišo Suchý
kamera/director of photography: Mišo Suchý
strih/edited by: Marek Šulík
hudba/music: Martin Burlas
zvuk/sound: Dušan Kozák
produkcia/production: Oli J. Hromkovičová, Mišo Suchý
účinkujúci/cast: Michal, Anna, Mišo, Myko & Marko Suchí


Mišo Suchý (*1965, Bratislava) studied documentary production at the Academy of Performing Arts. At the age of 22 he left for the United States. He lectures at the Syracuse University in New York State. He brought a new perspective into Slovak documentary film on exile and emigration. He also introduced to the Slovak audiovisual context new ways of creative use of digital technologies for independent and low-budget films. His films were presented at a number of major festivals, including Paris, New York and Chicago. In 1997 he published a book of photographs and memoirs When I was and Wasn’t Home. His photographs were published in GEO and the National Geographic. His films and photographs are included in public collections at the International Museum of Photography and Film, Rochester v New York and the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava.